Boehm Washer and Hole Punch (Mini, Midi, Maxi)

$85.00 CAD


These are some of the most high end punches we've tested in all of our reviews, with a sharp accurately sized (not too tapered) punch, a premium closure case, and weighty metal handle.

The Midi and Maxi punches provide a wonderful package to cut extremely large holes/circles, as well as double-up and cut out premade O-rings/Gaskets quickly. The Mini is a standard non-doubling punch for singular holes only.

Each kit comes with a premium click case with custom cut and printed foam inserts.


MM - 2mm-10mm
Inch - 1/8" - 3/8"


MM - 3mm-20mm
Inch - 1/8" - 3/4"

Maxi:  2mm-50mm

Made in France