Conceria3S Italy- Vegetable Tanned Leather (Formerly Westminster)

$144.00 CAD


Vegetable Tanned Leather -  Made in collaboration with Conceria 3S Tannery in Italy. Formerly “Westminster Vegtan”.

First photo shows how the unfinished leather looks like when a layer of leather balm is added.

Conceria 3S Tannery has been producing vegetable tanned leather for almost 100 years. They're known throughout the shoe and boot industry in Italy for their fantastic soling leather and have recently started to expand their offerings to vegtan leathers for the bag and accessories industry.

We worked with them to make the ultimate leatherworking vegetable tanned leather in 4 classic colours that will match any sort of project that you may have. The leather is entirely unfinished, so the colours may present lighter at first, but with a bit of your preferred oil/conditioner you'll be able to control the final colour and beautiful depth of the leather.


Natural ,Tan, Brown, Black - Unfinished, dyed, but can be tooled/dyed/painted

Full hides: $15/sqft, Half Hides: $18/sqft

Double Shoulders: 2oz-3oz, 3-4oz, 4-5oz   Double Butts: 6-7oz, 9-10oz

  • Tannage: Vegtan
  • Finish: Smooth 
  • Temper: Stiff
  • Size
  • Double Shoulder: 16sqft-18sqft
  • Double Butt: 18sqft-22sqft
  • Country of Origin: Italy