Fenice Diamond Edge Paint

$24.00 CAD

Diamond Edge Paint is the industry's gold standard in coverage and smooth edge dressing. It offers superior saturation and deep rich colors with easy application. Developed and distributed by Ivan Leathercraft, the world's leader in leathercraft supplies. The exclusive formulations are 100% produced and bottled by Fenice S.p.A. in Italy.

Product information
  • EdgePaint 100ml, Top Coat 100ml, Base Coat 250ml
  • Water-based leather edge color. Low V.O.C emissions, no odor.
  • Rub, wear and water resistant. Outstanding fastness and clarity.
  • Use Fenice® Diamond Edge Base Coat and Top Coat to achieve best result.
  • Shake well before each use. Remove tab, press yellow button and turn. Apply evenly using an edge dyeing pen or machine. Allow to dry. Add a second coat if needed. 48 hours dry time recommended.
  • Made in Italy.


  • Keep from freezing. Will be shipped at your own risk,