Hasi Hato Pro Snaps - Line20 + Line24

$8.50 CAD


Line snaps are perfect for larger bags and accessories, they provide a heavy "snap" which is slightly more secure than a similar sized Glove snap.  These snaps are generally for leathers 4oz and over, specifically on the "cap" side. If you're looking to have a thinner leather under your cap then we would suggest looking at our Glove snap series

These Line Snaps are Made in Japan by Hasi Hato, a company that has been producing snaps for luxury companies for almost 100 years. They are one of the original top brands for snap closures, and the preferred hardware by many of your favourite luxury name brands.

Outside of Japan, they generally go by the name "THK". The Hasi Hato branded snaps are usually reserved for japanese local distribution, but we were able to secure an agreement to sell them to you directly!

  • Cap size: Line20 - 12.5mm or Line24 - 15mm
  • Base Material: Solid Brass or Steel
  • Country of Origin: Made in Japan